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The Forgotten Fairground was born of a celebration of childhood imagination - a call to us all to remain faithful and true to our youthful, freethinking selves.

The Persian philosopher, Rumi, famously wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field… I’ll meet you there.”


If ever there was an artistic milieu worth chasing down, this must surely be it. And what a beautiful, aspirational sentiment - one that’s been a defining call to arms for The Forgotten Fairground since its inception.


Free-wheeling adventures across the idiomatic ‘divide’- combining music, dance, cinema and the spoken word - married to an exploration and celebration of the human condition. That’s our fascination and, if you will, our creed. And our spiritual home? The studio. That ‘special space’ as the divine Bonnie Herman would say. A sonic realm that can invoke an aesthetic to transcend music alone, conjuring the expressive magic of all Art - manifest in the imagination of the mind’s eye.

Thank you for being you and welcome to...The Forgotten Fairground.

Matt Gough & Andy Bush


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